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A Clever Invention (part three)

During some routine research into oral hygiene technology today, I stumbled upon this mutant toothbrush. Like something out of The Fly. You know, for kids! I can also imagine the creative discussion that led to this rascular innovation. A: Increasingly, consumers are becoming concerned with their tongues. B: If only it were possible to in […]

How Time Works

Here is another numerically ordered piece, originally published in the December edition of the hip, gunslingingly pdf magazine All The Rage. Before climbing back into bed after going to the toilet in the middle of the night, he would habitually check the time on his phone. In that half-asleep state, he had always assumed that […]

A Restoration

A few days ago, I dropped a newly-opened 500g tub of Flora margarine, and it landed, openside-down, on the kitchen floor. When I picked it up the entire polyunsaturated block decided that it quite liked it there, and came clean out of the tub. 1. I found that I was, in equal measure, irritated at […]