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The Mathematics of Number Plate Spotting

There are (at least) two variations on the game of Number Plate Spotting: Consecutive Number Plate Spotting (CNPS) and Non-Consecutive Number Plate Spotting (NCNPS). CNPS, popularised by the comedian and broadcaster Richard Herring, involves spotting all numbers in consecutive order, i.e. you must spot a 1 before you can start looking for a 2, and […]

All Creatures Great and Small

It’s time for the first All The Rage of a new autumn, and so here is my bit. There was an old woman who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly. Perhaps she’ll die. I swallowed a fly once, but I survived. The key, I think, is not to panic. But […]

Monster Munch

It’s time to pop over to the pdf magazine All The Rage and read about Monsters. My own contribution, a sobering account of celebrity excess, can be found below. A dinosaur is diverted from a course of city-scale mayhem by a Godzilla-sized packet of Chewits, cleverly mirroring the use of bright candy to mollify the […]

A Veneziana Conundrum

Last week, my companion and I found ourselves in the Islington area of London, and in possession of a voucher for Pizza Express. We had received the voucher by email, and had printed it out, as per the instructions. We were amused to note that in the “small print” it stated that photocopies of the […]

Look at me

Continuing my part-time job as an Adam Buxton tribute act, I have made a video of Jane’s Brain for the Adam and Joe Video War.

Any Dream Will Do

After a short hiatus (June), I am back in All The Rage, where the topic for July is “Dreams”. Don’t forget to download this splendid pdf magazine. And below is my contribution. Reward A little while ago, in order to get my weekly ration of TV filth, I started watching The Apprentice. I came in […]

Age and Maturity

The theme for All The Rage this month is Age and Maturity. Here is more or less what I wrote: Hair My hair is going grey. Mainly around the temples, but generally all over, strand by strand. I quite like this. Maybe I’m turning into David Byrne, whose hair seemed to change coloura more or […]

We Are Mediocrity (part two)

The inspiration for these pictures came from a number of things, but they were definitely influenced by Forced Entertainment: specifically Emanuelle Enchanted, and the Cardboard Sign Photographs they made with Hugo Glendinning, but there’s a little bit of Speak Bitterness in there too.

An announcement

Please, if you have not already done so, could you make your way to the site of my hitherto secret counting project. Thanks.