So, yes, it’s autumn. According to this web page nothing happened in September, but that is wrong: a lot of things happened in September, it’s just that writing something for this web page wasn’t one of them. Because of, you might say, confusingly.

Here though, now that it is autumn, is some information about things that have happened in the last 24 hours, or that seem likely to happen soon.

7 Inch Cinema
Last night we went to the 7 Inch Cinema do upstairs in the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath. They showed many short films and promotional videos, most of which were very good in their own way, and there was a film quiz. I don’t know if we won the film quiz, because we left before the announcements. If we did win the film quiz, I would be flabbergasted. That’s not too strong a word: trust me, you didn’t hear the questions.

The point is that this is EXACTLY what you should be doing on a Sunday night. There will be further and broadly similar events on the last Sunday of October and the last Sunday of November, in the same upstairs. Furthermore the 7 Inch Cinema people will be involved with the event at Ikon Eastside on 31 October, so it is important that you get along to that.

Finally, and for those of you who are reading this and saying “But, it’s not fair, I don’t live in Birmingham, I live in London. Why isn’t there ever any fun stuff in London?” I can tell you that 7 Inch Cinema people will be bringing their own brand of slightly small moving images to the “Abbey pub” in London’s Kentish Town, on 20 October. Now stop whining.

All The Rage
I have had the honour of having some of my writing appear in a futuristically pdf magazine called All The Rage. This downloadable and printable publication is edited by the same person responsible for a humorous book called How to Worry Friends and Inconvenience People, which we all hope everyone will be buying for everyone else this Christmas.

Leaves turning colours other than green before falling in heaps in the park
Walk, look, kick, listen, smile: autumn.