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The Mathematics of Number Plate Spotting

There are (at least) two variations on the game of Number Plate Spotting: Consecutive Number Plate Spotting (CNPS) and Non-Consecutive Number Plate Spotting (NCNPS). CNPS, popularised by the comedian and broadcaster Richard Herring, involves spotting all numbers in consecutive order, i.e. you must spot a 1 before you can start looking for a 2, and […]

What to drop

Here is the only thing I have written in a year. It was, of course, produced for the fantastic Summer Special edition of All The Rage. What to drop I fell down the stairs yesterday. I forget which foot it was that glanced the cliff-edge of one stair and slid across it, causing me to […]


Suitably minimal “flyer” below: Enter ‘The Zone’ with Stalker Night @ A E Harris. On Friday 17th July at 7.30 Stan’s Cafe celebrate one of their greatest inspirations Andrei Tarkovsky‘s extraordinary film Stalker Alongside a DVD screening of this wonderful film there will be a presentation of Zone a photographic series by acclaimed photographer David […]

Another Great Day For The Coinage

On this the second anniversary of my original comment regarding the Englishness of St George’s Day, I have commenced a new iterative documentation project, details to be released when I have some data.

Twitter Ye

I’ve signed up to see what it’s all about. I’m an explorer. Here I am.

There is no why

One of my earliest memories is watching Blue Peter at what must have been the very end of 1973, making me five and a bit. The TV was filled with footage of Viking ships on fire, and one of the presenters was saying “and so we say goodbye to 1973…”. But what I was aware […]

A Geek Misery Memoir

This month’s All The Rage theme is Games and Play, and it is brought to you alongside the London Games Festival Fringe. Here below are some of my thoughts on the topic. I think it was for my eighth birthday that I received a pair of binoculars. They were not toy binoculars but proper grown-up […]

All Creatures Great and Small

It’s time for the first All The Rage of a new autumn, and so here is my bit. There was an old woman who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly. Perhaps she’ll die. I swallowed a fly once, but I survived. The key, I think, is not to panic. But […]