Consecutive Number Plate Spotting

When popping out to the cash point today, I decided to start playing the Consecutive Number Plate Spotting game as defined on the website of the comedian and celebrity Richard Herring. I managed to get to 05 on the way from the bank to my front door.

It would be possible at this stage to propose a variation on this game called Consecutive Comedian and/or Celebrity Spotting (CCCS). In this game you would have to spot comedians and/or celebrities consecutively. Potential rules for deciding consecutivity might include:

  • degree of celebrity and/or comedy
  • length of service in the “public eye”
  • natural age
  • physical mass
  • wealth
  • an esoteric formula based on all of the above including a mystery constant

On 22 March 2007 I spotted the comedian and celebrity Richard Herring on a sofa at the Radio Five Live studio. Shortly after spotting Richard Herring I spotted the actor and celebrity John Simm, and then the broadcaster and celebrity Simon Mayo. Work that out.